Rugs and carpets sizes
Rugs and carpets sizes exclude fringe and may, in some cases, be “pre-wash” sizes. Depending on the vintage, origin and type, a noticeable amount of shrinkage may occur during the washing / drying process. This may translate to a reduction of approximately 6″ in length, and 2-4″ in width for rugs as large as 12′ x 20′. For smaller rugs such size reduction will be proportionately less. If absolute size is critical, and slight differences affect your buying decision, please contact us for specific measurements or additional information. Please note: due to the size of many of these carpets, some images may have been unintentionally cropped, rest assured they are full and complete rugs.

Nature of Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets nature
Due to the organic nature of the wool pile in Oriental Rugs and the manner in which they are made, there may be lighter or darker areas seen in photographs. These are not defects in the rug, nor are they a sign of wear: We do not represent used or shop-worn merchandise without reference.
Often times, storage or shipping may cause a rug to have creases or “fold-marks”. Rest assured, through use and enjoyment of your rug, the natural wool fiber of your rug’s pile will gradually release such creases. Some Oriental rugs have streaks with varied background color. These color changes are called “abrashes” and, if severe or heavy, will be noted in our descriptions.

Rugs with Age

Rugs and carpets aging
The majority of our goods are being sold as “new old stock”. This means the rug(s) have been kept in inventory, unused, since importation, except for occasional opening for inspection. This is true for most of the Kermans and Sarouks listed which, in some cases, may be upwards of 50 years in age.
Unless otherwise noted, all of our inventory is in excellent / mint condition, and will be the actual rug you receive.