• Rug Inventory Number: 011205
  • Rug Country of Origin: Iran ( Persia )
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Antique Large Northwest Persian Karadja oversized rug 13’7″ x 19’10”

Semi antique large rug. Hand knotted wool pile cotton foundation.

Measuring an astounding 14′ wide by 20′ long, this example is exceptionally unusual in size: nearly ten fold the typical large Karadja (often dozar size 4’x7′). Centered in the carpet, a magnificent, single medallion comprised of expressive geometric design elements.

Considered on an individual basis, each element remains distinctly unique from its coordinating “match.” Altogether, they comprise the larger composition of a rectilinear and symmetrical motif.

Expression is present in the border as well: More traditional, geometric rugs from this region often feature a rigid, linear serrated leaf motif. Emphasis placed on movement, the border has adapted slightly curved “S” shaped leaf, closely reminiscent of Tabriz curvilinear borders.

Aesthetically, color levels, complimentary tones and contrast make this an exceptional example in every respect. Qualitatively, the level of craftsmanship, detail and knot density further reinforce this carpet as clearly belonging to an impressively exclusive and unique tier. An extraordinarily unique large rug, categorized within the village-woven, Northwest Persian rugs. An authentic and Original Persian rug in a desirable large size.

Main Colors: A vast array of rich and deeply saturated color tones including red, walnut, blue, mallard green and ivory for contrast and relief.
Alternate Spellings: Karaja.

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