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  • Rug Country of Origin: Iran ( Persia )
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17x24 Persian Kerman Rug

Antique Persian Kerman Palace Carpet 17’2″ x 24’1″

Fine antique Kerman carpet with quadruple+ medallion covered field. Soft tone-on-tone subtle almost “faded” look of antique ivory, toasted almond, gold, softened terracotta and navy blue. Very large and desirable palace size of 17′ x 24′ with unique signature panel covered border.

An antique carpet with Company notes dating back to the mid-1950’s;  Description of important Carpets


Translation of the Iranian writing in the border of the rug starting from the right hand side of the end where the tag is, going left and then down the side — then it repeats itself.

Addressing himself to the “Moghane”* he said:  Play your royal songs and ask those who have good voices to sing the heavenly tidings that finally I am the victory over my enemy.

Bring your tar, drums and chang into tune and also in harmony with your wonderful singers.  Play and sing in such a way that the “Sofi”** will go into ecstasy, so much that he will forget himself and his cloak.

I have heard that when a person is sad only singing and music will render him happy again.

*Player of a tar which is an Oriental lute — this word is in Webster’s dictionary.
**The sofi were members of a mystic society in Iran.  Writers, poets and singers belong to this society.

In our opinion the above rug was woven to the order of an important and wealthy personage in Iran upon his being the recipient of some good tidings.

Semi Antique Kerman

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