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Ardebil Persian Rugs

Ardebil Persian Rugs

Rugs made in Ardebil Iran. Ardabīl: Ardabīl is a province located in the Northwest of Iran. The East border of Ardebil is very close to the Caspian Sea, only buffered by the Gilan Province.

Bakhtiari Rugs

Bakhtiari Rugs

Persian Bakhtiari Rugs and Carpets made in and around Bakhtiari Iran. Bakhtiari: A southern Persia group, both settled and nomadic, the latter now a minority. Villages of the Bakhtiari are in and around the area of Chahar Mahal.

Bakshaish Persian Rugs

Bakshaish Persian Rugs

Persian Bakshaish rugs and Persian Bakshaish carpets woven in and around the area of Bakshaish, Iran. Bakhshaish: A village in East Azerbaijan (Northwest Iran), Iran in close proximity to Heriz.

Bibikabad Rugs

Bibikabad Rugs

Persian Bibikabad rugs and Persian Bibikabad carpets woven in and around the Hamadan region of Iran.

Persian Bigar Rugs

Bijar Persian Rugs

Persian Bijar rugs and Persian Bijar carpets woven in and around the area of Bijar, Iran. Alternate spelling: Bijar, Bidjar. Bijar (Bidjar): Located in Northwest Iran and primarily of Kurdish population, Bijar is an important rug center with long history in making high-grade carpets.

Feraghan Rugs

Feraghan Rugs

Rugs made in the Feraghan plains of Iran Feraghan Carpets: A distinct group of rugs woven in the Feraghan Plains region of Persia in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Hamadan Rugs

Hamadan Persian Rugs

Persian Hamadan rugs and Persian Hamadan carpets made in and around the area of Hamadan, Iran.

Persian Heriz Rugs

Heriz Rugs

Persian Heriz rugs and Persian Heriz carpets woven in and around the area of Heriz, Iran. Heriz: A famous region of Persian rug production based in Northwest Iran.

Persian Hoseinabad Rugs

Hoseinabad Persian Rugs

Persian Hoseinabad rugs and Persian Hoseinabad carpets made in and around the area of Hoseinabad, Iran.

Persian Karaja Rug

Karaja Rugs

Persian Karaja rugs and Persian Karaja carpets woven in and around the area of Karaja, in Northwest Iranian Azerbaijan Province near Heriz.

Persian Kashan Rugs

Kashan Persian Rugs

Persian Kashan rugs and Persian Kashan carpets woven in and around the area of Kashan, Iran. Kashan: An important weaving center for Persian rug production from the 16th century onward.

Kazvin Rugs

Kazvin Rugs

Persian Kazvin rugs and Persian Kazvin carpets woven in and around the area of Kazvin, Iran. Alternate spelling: Ghazvin, Kazvin, Qasvin, Qazvin.

Kerman Rugs

Kerman Persian Rugs

About Kerman Rugs / Kirman Rugs Kerman is both a city and capitol of the Kerman Province in southern central Iran. Many of the districts of Kerman city are surrounded by mountains, while the northern region is located in desert area.

Persian Kerman Rugs

Kerman Cyrus Crown® Rugs

Among the finest name brand production of Persian carpets evidenced in early through late 20th century production are those made under the label & signature Cyrus Crown® carpets.

Khorassan Rugs

Khorassan Rugs

Persian Khorassan rugs and Persian Khorassan carpets woven in and around the area of Khorassan, Iran. Khorassan: A Province in Northeast Iran most popular for carpet weaving of Mashad.

Persian Mahal Rugs

Mahal Persian Rugs

Persian Mahal rugs and Persian Mahal carpets woven in and around the area of Mahal, Iran.

Mehrivan Rugs

Mehrivan Rugs

Persian Mehrivan rugs and Persian Mehrivan carpets woven in and around the area of Mehrivan, Iran. Our Mehrivan rug section is for Northwest Persian rugs made in the immediate area of Mehrivan, excluding Ahar, Bakshaish, Gorevan, Heriz, & Lanbaran.

Persian Meshed Rugs

Meshed Persian Rugs

Persian Meshed rugs and Persian Meshed carpets made in and around the area of Meshed (Masshad) Iran.

Persian Meshkabad Rugs

Meshkabad Rugs

Persian Meshkabad rugs and Persian Meshkabad carpets woven in and around the area of Meshkabad, Iran.

Meshkin Rugs

Meshkin Persian Rugs

Persian Meshkin Rugs and Meshkin Carpets made in and around the Northwest Persian area of Meskin.

Persian Qum Rugs

Qum Persian Rugs

Persian Qum rugs and Persian Qum carpets woven in and around the area of Qum, Iran. Alternate spellings: Ghom, Ghoum, Qom, Qum.

Sarouk Rugs

Sarouk Persian Rugs

About Sarouk Rugs Located north of the Sultanabad region of Iran, Sarouk became an important producer of Persian rugs from the very early 19th century forward. Alternate spelling: Saruk, Saruq, Sarook, Sarouk, Sarough.

Persian Sarouk Rugs

Sarouk Cyrus Crown® Rugs

Among the finest Sarouk carpets manufactured are those made on Dilmaghani looms. Such carpets may be identifiable by fine staple wool and finely detailed motifs.

Isfahan Rugs

Other Persian Rugs

Persian rugs and carpets woven in Iran.