Persian Karaja rugs and Persian Karaja carpets woven in and around the area of Karaja, in Northwest Iranian Azerbaijan Province near Heriz. Rugs woven in Karaja are often known for relatively geometric and rectilinear design motifs, strong central medallions, and most commonly bold and powerful colors showing strong contrast such as reds, blues and ivory. Subtle differences between Karaja and Heriz area weavings – Karaja weaving typically is constructed of a single weft and often feature more “hooked” ornamentation surrounding medallions, at times resembling similar decorative function to guls of Turkmen rugs. Our Karaja rug section is for Northwest Persian rugs made in the immediate area of Karaja, excluding Ahar, Bakshaish, Gorevan, Heriz, Mehrivan, & Lanbaran.

Alternate spelling: Gharadjeh, Karadja, Karaja, Karadgha, Qarajeh.